What happens on the test?

The examiner will call your name, and then he/she will check your documentation. He/she will then ask you to read a number plate. You will then be asked 2 questions about the car: one tell me and one show me. The examiner will check the car before entering it to see that it is roadworthy, and displaying L Plates. Once seated in the car he/she will offer an explanation of the test. Always listen to this carefully, and ask any questions you wish to. Once on the drive the examiner will give you clear directions in plenty of time. If there is anything you don’t understand ask him/her to repeat the instruction. During the test the examiner will ask you to drive on various road types; to carry out 1 of 4 manoeuvres and possibly execute an emergency stop. You will also be asked to stop on various road types, to show that you can stop/move off safely with due regard to other road users. You will pass if you can show your examiner that you can drive safely, and demonstrate through your driving that you have a thorough knowledge of The Official Highway Code and the theory of driving safely. Remember, the examiner prefers to pass you as he has less paper work to do afterwards!