One day driving course (NEW)

Learn in one day

Learn in one day the basics - essential skills day

Torbay and Newton Abbot only

Would you like to be taught all the basics in one day? No other driving school offers this type of course, be the first to boast to your friends "I learnt to drive in one day"

What the day involves:

Session 1 start at 9am 12am (3 hours)

Break for lunch for 1 hour

Session 2 starting at 1pm (3 hours)

Take a break

Session 3 starting at 4:30pm ( 3 Hours)

Finishing at 7.30p.m

Why do we offer this course?

It is a well known fact that everyone learns at a different pace, some prefer to do lessons weekly as it suits their needs but forget quickly and as the week passes they get back into the car and have forgotten what was taught the week before. With the learn in one day there is no time to forget what has been taught. On the one day course you will be taught the basics of how to drive, once you have completed the course we will arrange a short course of driving lessons to brush up on the basics preparing you for all road situations to become a safe driver and what is required for passing the driving test This course could be from between 10- 20 hours depending on how much you learnt on the one day course.