Learn to drive at 16

If you are 16 years old, driving tuition can be arranged at a unique purpose built practice area where no driving licence is required. As well as being an enjoyable experience this will also be good preparation for driving on public roads. This track is also used for drivers unsure or nervous about driving for the first time. Please note: West Point is not open at the weekends so off-road lessons will need to be arranged Monday - Friday between the hours of 9am - 5pm

You will need photographic evidence as proof of you being 16 years or over, an example of this is a provisional driving licence or your passport

Below is the West point course it comprises of several junctions uphill and down, a roundabout, traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing.

West Point Exeter

What your lesson will consist of

We will pick you up from home and drive you to West point in Exeter. During the drive there we will be demonstrating how we move off and stop, the procedure on how to deal with junctions and anything that will be useful for the day’s lesson. Once we have arrived at the office at West Point and shown your proof of age to the office staff we can then swap seats and with a short recap of how we move off and stop you will be driving the car. Remember we have fully dual controlled cars and fully qualified driving instructors nothing will go wrong, even if it did the west point circuit does not have curbs, lampposts and more than likely you will be the only car there so if you do run off the road a bit you will only be on the grass.

How many lessons should you have

We don’t believe it is necessary to have to many lessons at west point, we recommend no more that 3-4 sessions at west point. After your first session you will start to gain confidence controlling the car, within 2-3 more sessions you should be able to turn left and right confidently. By the 4th your instructor may have introduced you to some reversing. Its now time to put all the car control skills you have learned into practice on to the road.