Intensive driving courses

Intensive driving courses in Torbay or Exeter

Before booking an intensive course please consider the following

An assessment drive will decide the amount of lessons the instructor recommends for your intensive driving course. The course can be completed in the space of one week, however we recommend you space out the lessons over a longer period of time, for example if a 30 hour course was recommended, it could be completed over 5 days, requiring you to attend 6 hours per day every day. This in itself is a lot of driving over a very short time. If you were to attend the intensive course over a period of 10 days you would only have 3 hours of driving per day, thus enabling you to learn at a steadier pace without unnecessary fatigue. Recent studies have shown this to be the most successful method for intensive driving courses.

Please note You need to have passed both parts of the theory test before you can book a Practical Test, the waiting time for the practical test can be between 3-7 weeks.

Intensive – Spread course

So an intensive course is not for you, but you still want to pass quickly. You can still book your driving test for as soon as possible and by spacing the intensive course out over the period of 4-7 weeks with 2-3 lessons per week until your test is a very good way to learn quickly.

Start Monday – Test Friday

So you have passed the theory, you have some knowledge of driving and you have the practical test booked, we will now arrange to start your 5 or 10 day intensive course or spread course to finish with a practical test.

This is a very popular method of learning has been designed for learners who wish to condense their tuition into a shorter time span. Both your theory and practical tests can be arranged for you, with the practical test booked for the final hour of your course. All driving courses are on a one-to-one basis (we do not believe in car sharing). We offer three main courses. They are:-

  • Full Course – This consists of 30 hours of in-car tuition and is designed for learners of limited or no experience.
  • Intermediate Course – This consists of 20 hours of in-car tuition and is designed for learners who have had some previous driving experience.
  • Short Course – This course consists of 10 hours in car tuition and is designed for learners who are experienced or who have been unsuccessful on a previous test.

One day intensive - Essential skills day

It is a well known fact that everyone learns at a different pace, some prefer to do lessons weekly as it suits their needs but forget quickly and as the week passes they get back into the car forgetting what was taught the week before. With the learn in one day there is no time to forget what has been taught.

On the one day course you will be taught the basics of how to drive, once you have completed the course we will arrange a short course of driving lessons to brush up on the basics preparing you for all road situations to become a safe driver and what is required for passing the driving test, this course could be from between 10- 20 hours depending on how much you learnt from the one day course.

To arrange your assessment lesson visit our prices page

If you require further help you can contact me using the “Contact us” page or speak with your instructor about the course which will suit your needs.